SCM 620 Pricing in Sales & Order Management

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Unit 1: Condition Technique in Pricing 1
Basics of Pricing 2
Introduction to Condition Technique 18
Unit 2: Pricing Configuration 47
Overview of Pricing Configuration 48
Customizing Pricing Components 56
Unit 3: Working with Condition Records 81
Pricing Reports and Maintenance 82
Unit 4: Special Functions 115
Special Pricing Functions 116
Hierarchy Pricing139
Data Determination in Access143
Unit 5: Condition Types 153
Special Condition Types 154
Statistical Condition Types 176
Unit 6: Taxes, Pricing Agreements, and Rebates 187
Taxes  188
Pricing Agreements 193
Introduction to Rebate Processing 203
Appendix 1: Data Model and Optional Exercise 237
Appendix 2: Exercise Data 245
Appendix 3: Important SAP Notes about Pricing 247

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SCM 620

Learn SAP SCM 620 a brief detail about Pricing in sales and Order Management : SAP ERP solution.

Goals of SCM 620

Goals are  to “Successfully set up functions and customizing settings for pricing in Sales and Distribution”. Deeper learning about :-

  • Condition technique for definition and maintenance of prices, surcharges and discounts
  • Creating condition tables, access sequences, and condition types
  • Using prices and other conditions in sales documents
  • Promotions and sales deals
  • Introduction to rebate processing

Who Should Learn SAP SCM 620 a brief detail about Pricing in sales and Order Management

Project team members and pre-requisites with  SCM600 Business Processes in Sales and Distribution. learn more  topics and ebooks

The ultimate goal is the condition record Condition Table Here you determine whether a field appears in the header or in the item Defines the structure of the key that can be used to create dependent
condition records Condition Table Access Sequences Condition Type Pricing Procedures Procedure Determination HP SAP Academy The key fields of a condition table must appear at the start of the table Access Sequences. An access sequence consists of one or more condition tables. You can define prices, discounts, and surcharges at various levels

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